ser Henry Harrington

Ability Rating Specialties
Agility 3
Animal Handling 3 Riding 2B
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Deception 2
Endurance 3
Fighting 5 Long Blades 2B, Spears 1B, Shields 1B
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Marksmanship 3
Persuasion 5
Status 2
Stealth 2
Survival 3
Thievery 1
Warfare 3 Command 1B, Tactics 1B
Will 3
Sponsor (Replaced)
Anointed Knight
Cadre: Veteran Cavalry Unit – Harringtons Chargers
Blood of the Rhoyne
Honor Bound
Intrigue Defense
Combat Defense
11 Large Shield – 7 No Shield (+2 CD Blood of the Rhoyne)
Type Speciality Training Attack Damage Quality
Castleforged Longsword Long Blade - 7K5+1 4 None
Dagger Short Blade - 5K5 1 Defensive +1, Off-hand +1
War Lance Spear 1B 5K5 7 Bulk 2, Impale, Mounted, Powerful, Slow, Vicious
Spear Thrown - 5K5 3 Close Range
Hunting Bow Bow - 5K5 3 Long Range, Two-Handed
Armor Type Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
Full Plate 10 -4 3
Noble Clothing (Worn/Cheap)
Large Shield
Full Plate
War Lance
Castleforged Longsword
Soldier’s Tent
Common Clothes
Hunter Bow & Quiver w. Arrows

Carwin harrington heraldy

The Carwin and Harrington Coat of Arms
The new coat of Arms which Ser Henry Harrington fields when in the service of House Carwin. The upper “per fess” division is dedicated to the House Carwin coat of arms to show his allegiance. The lower “per fess” division is dedicated to the House Harrington coat of arms.
Since he is in service of House Carwin, it is only normal that the motto of House Carwin is represented upon it.

Age: 26
Role: Strategist/Veteran Warrior/Pauper Knight
Goal: Security – Rebuild his home or at least find a new place for him and his men which they can call home.
Motivation: Duty – Not failing his men. They have been loyal through thick and thin and they are his new family.
Background Events: You fought in a large battle
Virtues: Devoted
Vices: Wrathful

Ser Henry Harrington was the oldest and only son of House Harrington. A small noble house which had actively engaged in the last great war. They wagered and lost. Not just the wager but everything. Ser Henry Harrington’s homeland was razed, his family put before the blade and his estate burned to ashes. Nothing has remained except for his knightly title, the clothes he wears and his cadre of loyal cavalry. And the worst of all, there was nothing that Ser Henry could have done to prevent it. It had happened while he was on campaign with the main army. It was only much later that he came home to find it in ashes. Eventually the land was usurped by a neighbouring lord. So he became a hedge knight or pauper knight together with the few veterans that were left after the war.

It is with this cadre that Ser Henry Harrington now travels the land. Moving from place to place as a hedge knight. A mercenary even. Selling his sword so that he and his men can eat and occasionally enjoy a drink. He refuses to become a robber knight. It is against everything he holds high. He is also very peculiar about the offered contracts. Making sure they are honourable to a point… after all… one does have to make a living.

The Harrington Chargers:
Motto: “Death before Defeat!”
Veteran Cavalry Unit (20 men and horses)
Power: 10
Automatic (0) Discipline
Agility 3, Animal Handling 4, Fighting 5
Cavalry units use the Athletics and Endurance of their mounts in place of their own.

His cadre is known as “The Harrington Chargers”. The way they make their living nowadays. The unit of 20 loyal men consists of battle hardened veterans who have been in many a battle and skirmish.

Former Harrington Castle
What once was, is no more. Although it is perfectly possible to rebuild the castle. It would first of all require a lot of funds and second of all… the regaining of his ancestral/family lands. Both goals which are not easily to attain.

Harrington heraldy
House Harrington Coat of Arms

“Death before Defeat” is the motto of House Harrington. During the last war this motto has been proven. Ser Henry’s whole family was killed, for they refused to surrender to their attackers.
During and in the aftermath of the assault following family members were killed:
Lord Thomas Harrington – Father
Ser Liam Harrington – Younger brother
Siobhan Harrington – Older sister
Hannah Harrington – Younger sister

And various uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews. The family line has been nearly wiped out which caused quite a scandal. Rumours have it that a neighbouring Lord had hired a robber baron and his retinue to raze the castle to the ground and the family with it.

One day Ser Henry will avenge his family.
But in the meantime he will try to find out if any on his family members have survived.
The corpse of his youngest sister, Teagan Harrington (age: 12) was never found. Which to Henry is something he clings too. He has spent most of his spare money to try and track her down. If she is still alive, he hopes to find her one day.

ser Henry Harrington

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