a tournament

It has been a few months now since I came to live in castle Carwin. Life’s been good. Ser Cristophe has been doing a commendable job in his father’s absence.
I’ve been keeping lady Ninnoc’s company a lot, trying to get to know her. And she turns out to be a nice and intelligent person. A man could do far worse for a wife.

The coming months until lady Ninnoc’s birthday are going to be hard, especially with ser Christophe’s brother Richard’s habit of seeking pleasurable company at every opportunity. But I fully intend to look upon them as a test of character and keep to my marriage vows.

Ser Christophe organised a regional tournament last week. Quite a lot of knights attended and even lord Tywin of house Lannister honored us with his presence.
This was my chance to prove to prove to ser Christophe that I am the right choice. I was bent on winning from the start. I knew I could do it.

I gave the majority of my winnings to ser Christophe to put to good use. I figured that since I’m a member of house Carwin now I might as well help support it. The ransoms from my victories I kept to myself. This gave me a chance to buy the lady Ninnoc a proper bethrotal present.

a tournament

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