Former House Harrington

Harrington heraldy

First Founding
House Harrington is an old House which was founded in the period of the Rhoynar Invasion.

Your family fought a war or smaller conflict but was defeated, losing sta­tus, precious resources, and influence. If defeat is your first roll, your fam­ily might have been swallowed up by another house and forced to marry into a lesser branch until your original bloodline became all but extinct.

Either you suffered the results of treachery or you were involved in committing a treacherous act. In either case, the historical event stains your family’s name.

Your family fought and defeated an enemy, annexing their lands and holdings to their own. With such a victory comes the trouble of old loyalties, weakening your house’s hold and influence over the smallfolk.

Your family gained the favor of the king, their lord, the Faith, or from some other powerful body. As a result, their fortunes improved, and they climbed in standing. This favor might also result from the naming of a family member to the ranks of the Kingsguard or attaining the rank of Grand Maester or Great Septon.

A family wins glory through a military victory, personal achievement, or by a great act of heroism. Glory is similar to ascent, but it focuses on one figure in your family’s past. The result of this individual’s deeds advances your family’s standing in the eyes of its peers. Generally, glory as a first historical event should imply that your house was formed as a reward for the great acts of their founder.

House Harrington
Resource Rating Holdings
Defense 50 Small Castle (Now Ruins)
Influence 50 Heir (50) Still alive ser Henry Harrington, missing Teagan Harrington, the others were killed.
Land 30 Plains with Coast, Hamlet and Roads, Hills with grassland
Law 19 -5 Fortunes
Population 35 +3 Fortunes
Power 31 Veteran Cavalry (ser Henry’s), the following units were destroyed/disbanded: Trained Infantry, Trained Scouts, Trained Archers, Green Garrison
Wealth 49 Artisan (Casteforged), Port, Maester, Sept

Former House Harrington

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