King's Landing

After the wedding we headed towards King’s Landing. It was a quiet trip until we heard the sounds of a battle. Ser Richard took a company of archers and pikemen to investigate and found a farm besieged by men wearing Carwin colours! The farm was defended by a company of cavalry.
When those bandits were beaten, ser Christophe decided to head to the local lord’s castle to discuss this. A few of the bandit’s were taken alive, and the lord had his hangman put them to the question. They were just bandit’s hired by someone to put on those tabards and cause trouble. This doesn’t bode well for the future.

Ser Christophe also had a talk with the leader of the cavalry company. It turns out he’s a hedge knight, ser Henry Harrington; selling his service to the highest bidder.

When we arrived in King’s Landing we were detached to the Lannister camp. Ser Christophe proposed to lord Tywin to let me ride in the joust for house Lannister. Lord Tywin agreed! This is my chance and I intend not to let them down.

Ser Christophe ordered us to find a fitting present for prince Geoffrey for his birthday. Ser henry was fast to try and get a baker to make a big chocolate horse. I wondered where he was going to find a baker with the time to do this in such short notice with a tournament coming up. But he managed.

Also, ser Christophe’s father had gone missing. While I was preparing myself for the joust this was investigated, and ser Henry tracked down the people who’d kidnapped him. The lord was brought back badly injured.
In the mean time I’ve managed to win four tilts. Were getting closer to the favourites now. Ser Sandor Clegane, the queen’s champion, and ser Loras Tyrell also known as the knight of flowers. I’ve asked lord Tywin if he wanted me to yield if i’d come out against ser Sandor. I wouldn’t want to cause bad blood between him and the queen. But he said I could just go for it.

So now I’m trying to stay focussed. When I’m not training, watching others perform or fighting, I’m spending time with the lady Ninnoc. There’s too much distraction going on in the camps. Ofcourse I spend some time with the other Lannister knights since I’m their champion here. But I can’t be distracted too much

King's Landing

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